So everybody put your best suit or dress on…

This blog will hopefully serve 2 purposes. As I approach the last year of my twenties, It is my sincere hope that by documenting my goals for the year in some kind of written format, that it will help drive me towards achieving those goals. What goals? To get my record label, Good Post Day Records, off the ground and operational. To fully commit to running, and run a marathon in 2014. To learn another language(not become fluent in, merely begin to learn).  To go to the cinema more.  To read books. To get a tattoo. To figure out what went wrong with Friday Night Lights S2.  Note, all of my goals are things that I want to begin doing, not stop doing.  In truth there is no current part of my life that I wish to devote less time to, I only wish there were more hours in the day so I could give due time & energy to everything that jostles for my attention.

The secondary purpose is to have platform to share my passion for all the things in my life that I love.  These vary across a range of topics; music(mainly punk & emo), comic books, technology, food, beer, football etc…

In the space of an average day of 2013, I discovered a new band online, came across a new app that enriched my life in some small way, drank a really nice new IPA, read a brilliant comic, discovered a user on Instagram who posts incredible photos, stumbled across a hidden gem of a movie on Netflix, went to a gig and got blown away by a fantastic support band I had never heard of, read a blog post that made me think about something differently, watched a video on the internet that made me laugh, revisited a classic album on my iPod, bumped into an old friend or made new friends…we are currently inundated with various outlets through which to communicate these experiences, whether people want to hear about them or not.  For me, I felt like I spent too much time on social media in 2013, from Facebook to twitter to lastfm to Instagram to Path to Vine to tumblr and so on & so forth and in 2014 I would like to streamline all of this through one place, so I’m giving this a try.

It’s my aim to post something at least once a week, whether it be a photo I took, a new label release, a review of an album or a lengthy rant about something. I’ll also use it as a platform to promote the things that I discover and love, like my favourite headphones, running shoes, beard oil or episode of Frasier…and hopefully discover new things in the process.

This time next year, hopefully I’ll have achieved all I set out to, and say goodbye to my twenties with no regrets.



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