Someday We’ll Look Back

I wanted to put up a quick post looking back on my favourite music from 2013, but music moves so fast these days(thanks internet!) that it’s only the second of January and already I’ve heard a new release that’s blown me away and I feel obliged to mention it here.  I’m talking about the new record from Papayér, an emo band from Derby. I’ve been a fan of these guys for a while, following a few earlier ep releases and a split with Nai Harvest, and had heard rumblings that the new stuff they were working on was something special, and it really is. I might get round to reviewing it properly later but for now, you can get it from their bandcamp page, which you can check out below. Worth mentioning that they’re offering some pretty cool purchase bundles as part of the release.

Now, looking back at last year…I decided not to do an ‘End Of Year Albums’ list, for various reasons. Late in 2013 I decided to revisit my top 20 albums of 2012, and found that some of them had completely fallen by the wayside in terms of my regular listening, whereas other records that didn’t make the cut were still being played with regularity over a year later, having grown on me.  That made me realise how futile & arbitrary these lists can sometimes be(don’t get me wrong, I love checking other peoples out) so I decided to go with a kind of mixtape of songs that impacted me throughout the year.  Some are on there because they’re so damn good, others are on there as I might have seen the band live and had a memorable night, while others might have some other kind of significance.  Another thing that struck me when reflecting on my favourite tracks of the year, was how many of them came from Splits, Eps, compilations etc and a list dedicated solely to albums would ostracise these tracks entirely.  A case in point is ‘Hiding’ by Pianos Become the Teeth!  This was released early in 2013 and is without doubt the song I have listened to most, I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of it, yet it hasn’t made any end of year lists.  Shame. Check it out below;

I put the mixes up on Spotify & 8tracks, each of which have their advantages(that’s a topic for a separate post!) but I’m already excited about looking back on them this time next year and I wonder if I’ll still regard them as highly.  It is my hope that I will get the chance to see many of these bands live in small rooms over the course of 2014, sadly some of them will no doubt break up in that time, and others will probably release even more new material this year, which will hopefully be of the same standard.  Whatever happens, someday we’ll look back and songs that haven’t even been dreamt up will have defined key moments in our lives, and we’ll come back to them time & time again, which is one of the many reasons I spend so much of my time seeking out new music.

Thanks for reading, I’ve attached 8tracks links below, as the Spotify links wouldn’t embed!




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